Eithne’s Skin: BBL & MOXI Treatment

Hi, I’m 24 hours after my BBL and moxie treatment and I had a lot of treatments, so I’m quite swollen today, especially around my eyes, but I tend to swell quickly after treatments. It’s tender, I’ve got a good bit of dryness around my nose where lots of little vessels were treated, and today I’m just keeping my skin hydrated and protected with SPF.


I’m day two after my BBL and Moxie. I’ve got some or swelling today just around the upper eyelids, still quite a bit swollen. In general, it’s not tender, it’s not sore, but just feels quite dry like fine sandpaper. And I’m keeping my skin hydrated and protected with SPF.

I’m day three today after my BBL and moxie. I’m still swollen around the eye area and a little bit on my face. My skin is dry and it’s beginning to flake now around the nose and chin and I’m just going very gently and I’m not using any face cloths or anything abrasive. I’m just going very gently with cleanser, moisturiser and SPF and we’ll see how it goes.

Hi, I’m day four today and thankfully the face recognition on my phone is beginning to recognise me again. The swelling is going down, my skin is still very dry like sandpaper and I still have some swelling around my eyes, but it’s going down and I’ve had a lot of flaking of skin around my nose and chin and the skin underneath is lovely and soft and fresh, so I’m very happy with that.

Hi, I’m day five today and the swelling is really much better. I’m thrilled to see that going down. My skin is still a little dry around the periphery, but in the centre of my face, my new skin is beautifully soft. It’s still a little pink, but very comfortable and I’m delighted to see how that’s settling.

Hi, I’m day six today and my skin feels really baby soft and smooth. I’m still a little pink and I have some swelling under my eyes, but everything else is fine and I’m really delighted with how soft and smooth my skin feels.

Hi, I’m now day eight after my bbl and moxie treatment. I had bbl or broadband light on my face and neck and then I had moxie some stacked treatments on my face, so I had a number of treatments.

So if you look at my picture progression, I really was quite swollen and my face was tender and dry like sandpaper I had a stronger reaction than Leah, although we had the same treatments, and that’s just really a function of skin quality and age and collagen and all of those things.

I tend to swell after treatment, so definitely I still have a tiny bit of swelling under my eyes, but it’s absolutely fine.

Today is the first day I’ve put on a bit of makeup. It’s sitting beautifully. My skin just feels incredibly soft. Literally baby soft. I’m thrilled with that. It’s just very soft. The dryness has completely gone. Feels great. I haven’t started back using my actives yet, like vitamin C and retinol, and I’ll start using those next week.

But I just really wanted to let my skin recover, and I’m absolutely thrilled with the results. That’s single treatment. And then I will repeat those treatments to just get more of those layers off and to just damp down that background redness.

But already all the little broken capillaries that I had on my chin and around my nose are completely gone, which is absolutely lovely.