What Aesthetic Treatments Would Dr Eithne Not Have

We’ve had an interesting question on social media asking me what sort of aesthetic treatments would I not have myself, even if they were free?


Number one is B Twelve injections. And these have a place if somebody’s deficient in B Twelve and you’ve had a blood test to show that and you’re managing it appropriately, but just random injections to give you energy or boost energy make no sense. They can have complications and they can mask other illness. So I’d never do them.

Number two are these trends like the fox eye or the Russian lip trend. And this is where here you put threads under the tail of the brow and you anchor it somewhere in the scalp. They’re really unnatural looking. They are dangerous. They can snag nerves, they don’t look good, and they don’t last. So I would never have one of those.

In terms of Russian lips, some people are doing this technique where the edge of the lip is really overdefined and the lip is distorted. And I think you can run into problems there because if you distort the lip like that and eventually the filler dissolves, you’re left with a distorted shape and it really isn’t a good idea. And it’s a trend that I don’t think is good.

Another thing I would not have is an aggressive peel. We generally in Ireland here, by and large, our skin is Celtic. It’s fair. Yes, we’re prone to some pigment changes, but we don’t get really leathery, very line skin like we do see in some hotter climates.

So aggressive peels are overkill. They can cause scarring, they can cause pigment changes. So I think with peels, it’s really starting gently. You can get great results with the milder peels. You can add home care peel ingredients, and you can just slowly achieve a great result, but not too aggressively.

Another device I’ve seen that I really do not like are plasma pens. These are devices that cause controlled burns, like a grid pattern, dot, dot, dot, dot, dot. And they’re supposed to tighten the skin as they heal, but they have a high risk of scarring. They can cause pigment changes. And in my mind, they’re absolutely not a good idea, and I would never have one.

So I hope that’s useful. And feel free to keep sending the questions in. We love hearing from you and we’re happy to help. Take care. Bye.